WASHINGTON (WUSA) — If you're a Caps' fan and you were thinking of heading down to the sunshine state to see your team play against The Tampa Bay Lightning, good luck!

Ticketmaster, which is the official Ticket site for the Lightning, will only sell tickets to people who have a credit card with a Florida zip code.

I don't know about you, but my credit card zip code isn't even close.

So let's say you make it past the zip code level, what's next for you?

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Well, if your seat happens to be in the Lexus Lounge or Chase Club (Sections CLUB 1-CLUB 18), you will be required to wear Tampa Bay Lightning-branded team apparel only, or you will be given neutral apparel to wewar.

Sound fair?

I didn't think so either.

Not many great options if you're a Caps' fan.

But if you do somehow make it down to Tampa Bay, take a picture and tag us, showing us that you made it to the final level of the game, How to get into the Lightning arena as a Caps' fan.

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