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How well can the Caps spell their teammates' names?

Caps players, and their new head coach, try to spell their teammates names.

(WUSA 9) -- It’s no secret that the NHL is full of difficult-to-spell names. Players like Jonathan Marchessault, Connor Hellebuyck, Andrei Vasilevskiy and Leon Draisaitl can cause headaches with their surnames alone.

While spelling the names of professional hockey players can be a daunting task for fans and media alike, we found ourselves wondering if the same was true for the people who rub shoulders with these players on a daily basis. Naturally, we thought of a way to satisfy our curiosity.

WUSA 9's Darren Haynes caught up with the Washington Capitals to see if they could spell the names of players in their own organization. The results were… mixed.

Apparently, not even wearing a uniform with your name on the back is enough to make your coworkers remember how to spell it when you play in the NHL. To be fair, when a name has to be squashed between players’ shoulders in order to fit on their jersey, can you really blame anyone for forgetting a letter or two?

Still, the Capitals do see each other almost every day from the end of summer through the spring, so you would think that they be better equipped to tackle this challenge than most.

So, how did each of our contestants fare?

Welcome to the first ever Washington Capitals Spelling Bee.

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