It's not every day you get to meet an Olympian. But a few lucky, novice skaters, got to do just that recently.

They met four-time Olympic medalist Jenny Potter who was in DC for a special reason.

Potter skated around, mostly incognito last month, taking part in the Dreams for Kids hockey clinic at Kettler IcePlex with the Capitals.

Only a few knew the greatness in their midst.

A fan said, "I heard somebody has a gold medal.”

And she replied, “I do, 4 Olympic medals."

Potter, the wife and mother of two participated, and won a medal, in four Olympic games as a member of the United States' women's hockey team.

She said participating in the Olympics was exciting.

"I remember when I participated," said Potter. "It just an amazing experience to go and represent your country and play the sport you've trained so hard for."

The former Jenny Schmidgall was one of the youngest members of team USA in 1998 at Nagano, and helped American women win gold.

“I think the first time was the most memorable in that we won the gold medal," said the Olympic gold medalist.

The forward represented her country here at home in 2002 in Salt Lake City.

"You don't always get the opportunity to play in your country and that was really an amazing experience," said Potter. "To be a part of that Olympic team and my daughter just turned one so I got to celebrate with my daughter my family."

In 2006, she was disappointed as the team only mustered bronze during the twentieth winter Olympiad in Torino. In 2010 she skated in Vancouver as the only mother on the team.

Mom and teammates brought back another silver medal.

Potter is confident her hockey sisters will reach the ultimate Olympic goal in South Korea.

"They're going to bring back the gold medal," says Potter.