WASHINGTON (WUSA9)--Superstitions are an interesting thing. Sometimes you feel like they work, and other times you feel like they're a waste of time.

With the Capitals facing the Lighting in Game 7 Wednesday night, I'm sure plenty of fans have their own game superstitions, which made me think of the five most popular superstitions/rituals.

5. Never talking or thinking about a win.

This is tricky because of course the first thing you want to do as the game gets closer, is to talk about the game. But some fans feel like thinking about a win is some sort of jinx. If you're too optimistic maybe it's a bad thing, and you're setting yourself up to be disappointed.

4. Eating the same food as the last time your team won.

Personally, I've seen a lot of my friends do this. However, I'm not quite sure of the win percentage when this happens. Honestly, I think they just enjoy that particular dish, and that's why they always take part in it each game. Yet, some people will continue to eat the same double cheeseburger with extra onions, large cheese fries with mustard, or 20 buffalo wings with blue cheese.

3. Carrying around team memorabilia.

This could be a rally towel that you had the last time your team won. Or it could be a puck that you had signed by your favorite player. The one thing I've seen that has been a little out there, was a friend that carried a sneaker that was signed by LeBron James. Carrying around a smelly shoe all day does not make you the favorite person to be around.

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2. Wearing the same clothes.

This one is an oldie but goodie. There are multiple people that I've spoken to, that tell me they wear the same jersey game after game, without washing it. I'm too much of a germaphobe to do this so I can't speak from experience. Since I've seen over this and over again, I just need need to understand the rules about cleaning and if the magic goes away if it is cleaned.

1. Keeping everything the same.

This number one superstition can give anyone big anxiety. To try and keep every single paper, piece of clothing, remote, or even food the same, can be difficult. Unless you have a man or woman cave that you watch every game, that you can keep like a museum until the next game, I just don't believe this is something that can be done.

Whatever your superstition is, let's hope it helps the Capitals win Game 7 against the Lightning.

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