The NFL offseason is here in the aftermath of Super Bowl 52.

There are several questions ahead of what should be an eventful offseason. Digital journalists/wannabe NFL insiders Mark Bergin and Eric Heubusch try to answer some of them.

What’re your thoughts on the Jimmy Garoppolo deal?

Mark Bergin: The five-year deal worth $137.5 million is massive for a relatively small sample size of measuring Garoppolo’s ability as a quarterback. The deal is the largest in NFL history on an average-per-year basis with about $74 million guaranteed, according to reports.

Garoppolo is 7-0 in his career as a starting quarterback, but the San Francisco 49ers weren’t going to let him get away after trading a second-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

The Niners were 1-10 before Garoppolo became the starter. He went 5-0 in his five starts with the 49ers.

Massive paydays are likely coming for other free agent quarterbacks, including:

  • 2018 free agent quarterbacks: Kirk Cousins, Drew Brees, Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Bradford, Case Keenum and smokin’ Jay Cutler
  • 2019 free agent quarterbacks: Matt Ryan, Nick Foles, Tyrod Taylor and the unflappable Blake Bortles.

Eric Heubusch: There are many things the G can stand for in Jimmy G, the obvious being Garoppolo. It could also stand for Great: the guy has proven himself on the field, turning an otherwise underwhelming San Francisco team around.

With Carlos Hyde expressing interest in sticking around to play with Jimmy G, a presence in the running game will make it easy for the offense to Gel.

If not anything else, that man is Good-looking, more like a franchise player for Calvin Klein. Am I right?

Is Josh McDaniels the next Patriots’ coach after Bill Belichick leaves?

Bergin: McDaniels is the heir to Belichick in the same way Kirby Smart was set to take over for Nick Saban at Alabama. Look at how that ended.

Bill Belichick’s age 65 - Josh McDaniels age 41 = Difference of 24 years

Nick Saban’s age 66 - Kirby Smart’s age 42 = Difference of 24 years

While McDaniels might be able to make more in the short-term as a head coach, only one of Belichick’s coaching disciples has a winning record as an NFL coach. Al Groh went 9-7 as the New York Jets coach in 2000.

Belichick’s nine associates have a combined record of 156-227 (.407) as NFL head coaches.

There’s stability coaching with Belichick because the Patriots have made the playoffs for nine consecutive seasons. The Patriots have not won fewer than 10 games in a season since 2002.

Combine coaching stability with Andrew Luck’s questionable health, and you can’t blame McDaniels for returning to New England.

In the future, McDaniels could leave for a more promising job. The Colts are a combined 20-28 in the last three seasons.

Heubusch: First and foremost, much love to Josh McDaniels for giving Tim Tebow, the greatest college football player of all time, the chance he deserves.

Second, what else could owner Robert Kraft possibly have offered to keep him around?

Third, can you blame him? Do you think Luck will never get injured again? We’ve seen a Luck-less, Manning-less Colts team in recent years, and it’s nowhere near as pretty as Jimmy G.

Do you blame McDaniels’ agent for leaving him?

Bergin: Agent Bob LaMonte also represents Colts general manager Chris Ballard. There’s a bit of a conflict of interest.

NFL head coaches make between $4-8 million per year, while an offensive coordinator sometimes makes more than $1 million.

Perhaps LaMonte wanted a larger commission check from McDaniels.

Heubusch: I think he definitely had to choose a side. Plus, McDaniels’ track record isn’t too great.

Who should the Colts hire now?

Bergin: The problem is other NFL teams hired several candidates the Colts already interviewed. The Indianapolis Star identified several candidates, including Kansas City Chiefs special teams coach Dave Toub, Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich, Eagles quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo, New Orleans Saints assistant head coach Dan Campbell, former Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher and Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier.

Heubusch: Tim Tebow, G.O.A.T.

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