In probably one of the most creative and mind-boggling Super Bowl tributes this year, students in New Hampshire used 220 Rubik's Cubes to create a mosaic of Tom Brady's face ahead of Super Bowl 53.

A group of about 20 students at Rochester Middle School in Rochester, New Hampshire spent their lunch periods this week using Rubik's Cubes to cheer on the New England Patriots and the team's quarterback, Tom Brady. 

It took the group two lunch periods to build the Brady mosaic. They also constructed a Patriots logo, which only took them one day. 

tom brady rubiks cube
Students in New Hampshire used 220 Rubik's Cubes to make a mosaic of Tom Brady's face ahead of the Super Bowl.
Kristen Wolforth Sturtevant

Kristen Wolforth Sturtevant, a library specialist at the school, shared the photos on Facebook

"Hey there Tom Brady, Rochester Middle School NH wishes you well in the Super Bowl!" said Wolforth Sturtevant in her post. "Let’s go!!! We’re not done!!! Give it everything you’ve got and do your job!!"

patriots rubiks cube
The students also used Rubik's Cubes to built the New England Patriots logo.
Kristen Wolforth Sturtevant

Most of the Rubik's Cubes were borrowed from "You CAN Do The Rubik's Cube," an organization that loans the cubes to schools, educators and other educational programs.

Brady will play for his sixth Super Bowl ring on Sunday. The Patriots kick off against the Los Angeles Rams at 6:30 p.m. ET in Atlanta.