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Revisiting Super Bowl LIII: 2019's best ads

Before a new batch of commercials air during the big game, take a look back at 2019's best Super Bowl ads.

As everyone cheers on the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers at the Super Bowl, many fans may be watching the big game just for the commercials. 

Some brands have already started releasing their Super Bowl LIV ads, or at least teasers. Planters shocked the nation when it killed off its beloved spokenut, Mr. Peanut. His funeral will be aired in a commercial during the third quarter. 

This year's commercials are sure to be star-studded as well. Hyundai released an aggressively Boston-themed commercial starring Chris Evans, Rachel Dratch and John Krasinski showing off their best Boston accents. 

Every Super Bowl brings a new list of instantly memorable ads. How will this year's batch compare to last year's? Here's a look at some of the fan favorites from 2019's Super Bowl ads.

NFL's "The 100-Year Game" 

The NFL's celebration kicking off its 100th season was one of the most memorable ads of the night. A black tie dinner quickly devolves into a brawl when a gold football cake topper tumbles to the ground. The shenanigans start when Hall of Fame linebacker Mike SIngletary yells "fumble!" and the room descends into chaos. 

The plays go after the ball with reckless abandon. Tables are crushed and glasses are broken. With a packed cast, any football fan is sure to see a favorite player in the commercial.

Bubly's "Can I have a Bublé?"

The flavored sparkling water commercial played off of the Canadian singer's name. Bublé pronounces the drink the same way he says his name: booblay. However, customers in a convenience store were quick to point out that the drink is pronounced "bubbly." 

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The ad's cutest moment comes when a young girl girl walks up to the singer to ask if she can "can an autograph, Mr. Bubbly." 

"It's Bublé," he says.

Amazon Alexa's "Not Everything Makes the Cut"

Amazon pokes fun at its pattern of putting Alexa in places some might not think it belongs in its "Not Everything Makes the Cut" ad. The commercial imagines a star studded cast of celebrities using Alexa in gadgets that don't exactly work as intended. Harrison Ford has a dog abusing his Alexa collar technology to order unlimited bags of dog food, gravy and sausages. "Broad City" stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are shot out of a hot tub by an overzealous Alexa hot tub speaker. Twin astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly even make cameo, somehow using their Alexa aboard a spaceship to turn the power on and off on the entire earth.

Hyundai's "The Elevator" 

Jason Bateman is at his snarky best in Hyundai's 2019 Super Bowl ad. He plays an elevator operator who brings his passengers to life's worst experiences, from a root canal to jury duty. The commercial's main couple are almost abandoned at a car dealership until they say they want to buy a Hyundai, after which they are transported up into a pristine Hyundai dealership. 

Microsoft's "We All Win" 

Everyone watching the Super Bowl wiped tears from their eyes after this commercial aired. The heartfelt commercial features kids with developmental disabilities talking about how the company's Xbox Adaptive Controller has helped them enjoy gaming with their friends. 

TIME named the controller one of 2018's best inventions.

Google's "100 Billion Words" 

Google is no stranger to commercials that tug at the heartstrings. Its commercial for the Google translation app featured destinations all over the world, showing how words connect us all. 

Doritos' "Now it's Hot"

This Doritos' commercial has a LOT going on. The chip itself barely appears in the commercial, but the Chance the Rapper and Backstreet Boys mash-up song was stuck in everyone's heads for days after. 

Pepsi's "More Than Ok"

Pepsi embraced its role living in Coca Cola's shadow with a commercial packed with celebrities insisting Pepsi is more than an "OK" alternative to Coke. The commercial finally answered the age old question asked by waitstaff everywhere: "We don't have coke, is Pepsi ok?"