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'Game of Thrones' invades Bud Light's world for epic Super Bowl teaser

In perfect ‘Game of Thrones’ fashion, Bud Light’s second commercial of the night ends with a surprising twist.

Bud Light’s medieval characters suffered through a “Game of Thrones” twist, as many fans of the show do, in their second commercial of the night.

The commercial opens, normally enough, with the Bud Knight in a joust. As he arrives to the field, everyone sits up and cheers “dilly, dilly,” and the joust begins.

The Bud Knight charges at his opponent and is violently knocked off his horse to everyone’s surprise. But the twists don’t stop there.

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As the knight’s opponent begins to walk towards him, we soon realize that it’s the Mountain from HBO’s hit series “Game of Thrones.” He approaches the Bud Knight, bends down and crushes the knight’s helmet.

The crowd screams in horror as a figure swoops in and casts a shadow on the stands. The “Game of Thrones” iconic anthem begins as a dragon appears and spits fire at the Bud Light people and their event.

In true “Game of Thrones” fashion, the teaser was full of violence, surprise and dragons.

Watch the entire teaser below: