WASHINGTON — Here's what's on my mind, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell did something I have never seen before.

Goodell put himself in front of cameras with black reverends and Atlanta community leaders in video clips that aired during the Super Bowl.

Was this a cheap attempt at covering up racism during the biggest night of the year in football?

Many of you believe the NFL needs to realize that for many Black Americans, until they do right by Colin Kaepernick, all of the black history and representation stuff at the Super Bowl is in vain.

I will say this, I was at the NFL owners meetings when the NFL Players Association wanted the league to do something to support minority communities.

I saw an MLK video, historically black figures on the field during the coin toss, and video of the NFL commissioner inside a historically black church.

What we saw out of Roger Goodell today may not be where it should be, but at least we saw more than what the NFL did last year. Which seemed like nothing at all.

That's what's on my mind.