The Super Bowl wasn't the only big game this weekend.

Eighteen West Michigan men carried on a 28-year, Super Bowl Sunday tradition for their annual "Beer Bowl." The men have gotten together every year since 1989 in the Grand Rapids metro area to host their own flag football game filled with, of course, beer!

The tradition started as something to do before the Super Bowl, and now it's a way to keep in touch after all these years.

"How do you keep friendships? I mean some of these friendships started at high school that's 35-36 years ago," said Tom Patterson, who's played 21 out of 28 games.

The oldest person that played is 58 years old.

"Some of these guys we only see once a year," said Bernie Pleva, one of the founders of "Beer Bowl." "It’s just fun."

If you're wondering how long they can keep this up, as families have grown, they've added a few players throughout the years in hopes the tradition keeps going.