Update: The Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Sean Davis in the second round with the 58th overall pick. Read our story about Davis' journey to the NFL below

TEMPLE HILLS, Md. (WUSA*9)--With the NFL Draft just hours away, one University of Maryland Defensive Back is capturing plenty of attention—Sean Davis.

But Sean Davis isn’t just a standout on the field. He’s also the pride of Prince George’s County and a devoted team player when it comes to his family, his faith and hard work.

“You set a goal and you can make it happen,” says Davis.

Davis knows how to set goals. Big ones.

He can speak Chinese and French. This star Maryland Terrapin Defensive Back has been speaking to his future since he was a kid growing up in Prince George’s County with two sisters, two brothers and a praying mom and dad who refused to let their kids take shortcuts.

“Did you pray today? Did you max out today? Did you study today? Did you do your extra?” says Davis’ father, also named Sean. “If we do what everyone else does, we’re going to be in the same boat. We’ve got to do things to elevate ourselves so what did you do extra today?”

Lisa and Sean Davis made extraordinary sacrifices to put all their kids in private schools. That meant working several extra jobs and driving extra-long commutes.

“About an hour-and-a-half one way,” says Lisa Davis. “Everyday. And gas had gone up to like 4 dollars almost 5 dollars. I was gassing up every 2-and-a-half days. So no nails, no hair. Just gas, food, shelter.”

Sean was homeschooled for 9 years before he got accepted to DC’s Elite Maret School where moving out of his basement’s “homeroom” to a school room wasn’t his only challenge.

“I was probably one of five African American males in my graduating class,” says Sean. “I wasn’t really used to it because I live in a black neighborhood.”

Sean excelled both on the field and in the classroom. His Senior year dozens of Division I schools offered him scholarships to play football; but, he chose Maryland to be close to home for his Dad who was battling cancer and still working two jobs.

“He’s my inspiration,” says the younger Sean. “He’s my motivator. I’ve never seen somebody have cancer and still going to two jobs every day.”

“For me I had to know that they would be taken care of,” says Dad. “We never had to take them out of school. We never had to foreclose. It ain’t the best house, but it’s our house and we made it so I’m grateful.”

“So when I don’t feel like doing my pull ups or something like that,” says Sean, “If I don’t feel like studying, I just always think my dad wouldn’t slack. If he slacks we don’t have anywhere to live.”

These days Sean still spends hours in his parent’s backyard running drills and plays with his younger brother, who is a rising star Linebacker for the Terps.

Dad still plays coach…

Sean says his final goal is to one day play for the same team as his other hero he never got to meet. Redskin Sean Taylor and the reason Sean chose number 21 at Maryland.

“I’ll play for anybody, but, the dream team is definitely the Redskins.”