WASHINGTON — Vernon Davis walked away from football relatively healthy, and with a bright future ahead of him.

Davis announced his retirement in a video on Super Bowl Sunday.

Vernon recently sat down with sports director Darren Haynes, he talked about the retirement announcement.

“The way I announced my retirement wasn’t supposed to be that way,” says the 14-year pro. “It was supposed to be a skit, a Golden Girls Golden Gronk skit.”

Vernon Davis decided to retire after recovering from his sixth concussion.

The two-time pro bowler wanted to walk away from the game before football took too much of him.

“I had light sensitivity for five months,” said Vernon Davis talking about recovering from a concussion. “You think about all the unknowns, right? What will I be like 10, 20 years from now? If I can get out now, and I’m healthy and I feel good, maybe it makes sense to just walk away from the game. Most guys, they can’t even walk 10 years removed from the game. Can’t walk, can’t think properly. To leave this game, after playing 14 years, and I’m healthy that’s all you can wish for right there.”

As for Vernon’s future after football, he’s gotten a head start.

The former Redskin already has had multiple acting roles including ones in multiple movies.

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“It’s pretty cool because I can feel myself getting better as far as all the work that goes into being an actor,” said Davis. “People don’t understand [that] acting is 80 percent emotion. You have to be in tune with those emotions.”

We look forward to seeing more of Vernon Davis on the silver screen.