ASHBURN, Va. — A little bit of drama played out in Ashburn, Tuesday, as the Burgundy and Gold had their first mandatory mini-camp of the off-season.

It was supposed to be the first time veterans and rookies were all together on one field, except that's not the way it worked out. 

A key cog in the Washington wheel, Trent WIlliams, was not there.

The offensive lineman, one of the best left tackles in the NFL, is reportedly looking for a new deal, or possibly to be traded.

Fellow offensive lineman Morgan Moses says he knows Trent is working hard.

"No doubt about the effort and what he does off the field," says Moses. "I've trained with him in Houston plenty of times. I know that guy wakes up training, goes to sleep training and is taking care of his body as well.”

Running Back Adrian Peterson and Williams went to college together and have a sports fitness business together.

"What I do know is when he gets here he'll be ready to roll," says Peterson. "He's a professional and the best left tackle in the game so whenever he's in the building I'm sure he'll be welcomed with open arms.”

Offensive line coach Bill Callahan realizes the situation is personal and one he expects will get resolved soon. The seven-time pro bowler’s absence will mean “a great opportunity for guys that are here to focus on all the fundamentals and techniques that we are featuring, that's they're getting exposed to.”

Three other players on the offensive line are not on the field because of injury. Getting Williams back is important. It will be interesting to see what day two of minicamp holds come Wednesday.