The Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys will meet for the 115th time Sunday afternoon at FedEx Field. The rivalry is one of the best, if not the best, in the NFL. The game is also expected to feature one of the best player rivalries in the league in Josh Norman vs. Dez Bryant.

The rivalry between the two players began when Norman was playing for the Carolina Panthers. Now with the cornerback in his second season in Washington, it has escalated with two match-ups each season.

The rivalry between Norman and Bryant has even taken to the airwaves in the form of commercials for the Galaxy Note 8 where the two players talk trash about each other in their respective faux press conferences.

Norman says the ads were nothing more than a money-making opportunity.

"It was a nice little lucrative check off the field," said Norman. "On the field may be something totally different. You never know what you get until Sunday gets here. I'm a totally different guy talking to you right now than I will be Sunday in between the white lines."

Both players enjoy matching up with each other.

Dez Bryant took to Twitter Saturday for the first time in over a month tweeting at Josh Norman, "You ready for tomorrow bro?"

Norman responded that he was born ready.

Of course the million dollar question is whether or not Josh Norman will play on Sunday.

The Redskins cornerback has missed the last two games with a fractured rib. Norman wanted to play last Sunday, but he said team doctors, and his mom said no.

"I know the docs and my mom didn't want me to play," said Norman. "I guess they got together in cahoots."

When asked if Norman's mom wants him to play Sunday, the Redskins cornerback said he didn't know if she was back in cahoots with the doctors again.

Per multiple reports Sunday morning, Josh Norman is expected to play.

Assuming that Norman does see the field, Sunday's battle between historic rivals, with identical records, should be a must-see affair.