Each sports fan has their opinion of which team has the meanest fans.

But did you know that professional players also have opinions about the meanest fans?

Redskins' Chris Thompson was not shy in telling the Washington Post how he felt about the Philly fan base.

“You see a lot of the players pregame when we run out of the tunnel, guys just go pray or whatever in the end zone,” Thompson said. “And [two years ago] I went and prayed in the end zone, and one of the [fans] told me, he was like, ‘God’s not going to help you today.’ And I was like oh, shoot. I heard it while I was praying. I was like dang, all right, that’s a little harsh.”

We could all agree with Chris Thompson that what that fan said was a little harsh.

However, would that make you stop your family from coming to games?

Fans have been known to say much worst to players and have even been banned from games for it.

In 2014 The Bleacher Report came out with a list of the Absolutely Awful Things Players Have Said At Games.

You can just imagine some of the names and foul comments that have been shouted.

The majority of these should not be said out loud, and knowing that they are, I can understand Thompson's feelings.

Players in every sport hear all sorts of slurs during the game and they have to keep their composure.

When family members, friends, or even other fans hear those same slurs, it's a little harder to keep it together.

An argument happens. A fight breaks out. People get ejected.

It seems to happen one too many times at sporting events.

Can we live in a world where fans are nice to one another?

Until that happens, Chris Thompson's family will have to watch their favorite Redskin vs the Eagles on the television screen like the rest of us.