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Josh Norman shares special moment with his daughter at training camp

Josh Norman's daughter sat in her dad's lap while he was stretching after practice.
Credit: WUSA
Josh Norman shares a moment with his daughter after practice at training camp.

RICHMOND, Va. — There is no greater bond than that between a parent and their child.

After the Redskins first practice of training camp, Josh Norman's daughter Imala ran to her dad while he was stretching.

During training camp, the Redskins players spend most of their time away from their families.

That makes the time they do spend with family and friends so much more special.

Josh Norman and his daughter shared a moment together with Imala sitting in her dad's lap while he was stretching.

For Norman, his daughter means the world to him.

"She is a princess becoming a key in her father's kingdom," says Norman. "She's going to take over whatever I leave for her. She's gonna run with that. It's going to be a lot on her shoulders, but she can handle it because her father sees things through her eyes that I want her to see through mine. I want her to be amongst it, to see it."

We asked Josh if his daughter has ever painted his toe nails, his daughter was quick to answer that she has painted them red.

"She just thinks I'm just this big Ken barbie or something," says Norman. "kids are all fun. They're so innocent and true."

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