How many small thigh pads do you need? Redskins' running back Mack Brown may feel like you can never have enough.

Our own Darren Haynes was able to check out Brown's locker and he showed us everything!

First up, was Florida gator gear, and actually a pair of very nice Florida cleats from the last Texas A&M game. Brown's Gator love runs deep seeing as he did attend and play football there.

Speaking of Florida, Mack keeps a Trent Brown 49ers jersey in his locker from when he traded jerseys with his old college teammate.

Very sentimental this guy is.

He also keeps a pair of cleats that are signed by teammate Jordan Reed, and says he wears them when he needs to go harder.

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If anyone can get you motivated, I'm sure Jordan Reed can.

However, WUSA9 was able to discover another piece of Brown that is sure to keep him motivated as well. His pink mouthpiece that is.

Brown has two great aunts that have breast cancer.

He wears the mouthpiece as a way to show everyone that whatever you're fight for, he's fighting with you.

Well Mack, we're fighting with you as well. Keep up the good work.