BALTIMORE (WUSA9) -- During the first full team practice, Ravens players react to the NFL suspended three-time Pro Bowler Ray Rice for two games.

The suspension is in connection with his off season altercation with his then-fiance, now wife, at an Atlantic City hotel. Authorities arrested Rice for knocking out Janay Palmer and dragging her out of an elevator back in February.

Rice's teammates and coach support him and understand punishment was due.

"It's part of the process we always said form the beginning the circumstances would determine the consequences, there are consequences... when you make a mistakes like that. I stand by Ray...he's a heck of a guy. He's done everything right since. He makes a mistake alright he's gonna have to pay a consequence.. It's good for kids to understand it works that way... That's how it works," said John Harbaugh.

"Ray Rice is a great guy, I've known him six, seven years now... I know he knows he made a mistake and he's gonna work through it... All I can do is support him and be his teammate," said Haloti Ngata.

"It's one thing... one thing... and its definitely tough... people are going to try to view it differently but I know how Ray is as a person and how Janay is and they're working to improve on everything. I'll be glad when those two games are up... not only have him back least of my worries, but close chapter on that for him," said Torrey Smith.

Rice's suspension starts August 30. The team can reinstate him Sept 12. He'll miss the Steelers game during that time.