Baltimore Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome will step down after the 2018 season and be replaced by assistant GM Eric DeCosta.

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti said Friday that Newsome signed a five-year extension in 2014 with the understanding that he relinquish the post at the end of the contract.

Newsome has been in charge of filling out the roster since the Ravens arrived in Baltimore in 1996. The 61-year-old has assembled two Super Bowl champions and is known for his prowess at drafting quality talent.

DeCosta has received numerous job offers since becoming assistant general manager in 2012. He spurned those invitations with the assumption - and assurance - that he will inherit Newsome's job

Bisciotti says to assure a "smooth transition," after the 2018 season Newsome will work with the owner and DeCosta. With a smile, Bisciotti says Newsome would become "the highest-paid scout in America" after Decosta takes over.