It's okay to admit that your bracket is busted because almost everybody's is. It's hard to find anyone with one let alone two right! The odds are so long to get the Final Four correct.

In fact, there's only a 0.0026 chance of getting it right. But Joy Gerdy-Zogby of Takoma Park, Maryland is one of the few in the entire country to have this weekend's Final Four picked correctly. She chose accurately in bracket North Carolina, Oregon, Gonzaga and South Carolina.

The key to her success was not breaking down the statistics or watching game film. No, it was quite the opposite. She was picking schools to win that her family members or friends attended. Her brother, for instance went to South Carolina and close friends studied at Oregon and North Carolina.

Gerdy-Zogby said she had not watched one college basketball game all season and has not watched one minute of the tournament and won't because she doesn't want to jinx what she has done with her predictions so far.

Her final two by the way: North Carolina and Gonzaga with North Carolina winning it all.