COLLEGE PARK, Md. — Everyone loves a happy reunion.

Thursday night in College Park was no different.

U.S. Air Force senior airman Adrian Robinson surprised his girlfriend Raven by returning home a day early.

Between the first and second quarters of the Maryland women's basketball team's game against Wisconsin, Raven was being honored for her service as a Terp Host.

Little did she know there was more in store for her.

As Raven was being honored at midcourt, Adrian came up behind her and surprised his girlfriend with flowers and an embrace.

"I'm happy that he's home," said Raven. "Oh my gosh, I wasn't expecting him until tomorrow. I haven't talked to him since yesterday evening. I was worried, very worried. So I'm happy he's home."

"Words can't describe it right now," said Adrian. "Can't stop smiling, I missed her so much."

Robinson had just come back from a six month tour in Kuwait.

Maryland women's basketball team beat WIsconsin 75-57.