Sunday morning aspiring Racing Presidents had the chance to literally "run for office".

It was the annual Racing Presidents audition and our own Sports Director Darren M. Haynes put his hat in the race.

He and other candidates were looking to fill the shoes of Abe, Tom, Teddy, and George.

Candidates had to perform a freestyle dance, run a 40-yard dash, and participate in two races from center field to first base while in costume.

There was also a quiz from a panel of Nationals entertainment staff members.

In case you've never had the pleasure to see the Presidents in Person, the costume is huge!

Made in 2006, the award-winning Racing Presidents are 12-foot oversized mascots, who compete in the GEICO Presidents Race during the fourth inning of ever Nationals home game.

Not sure if our Sports Director will get the job, but the audition gave us all a good laugh.