WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — The Washington Nationals may have spent over $530 thousand dollars on just their spring training supplies.

Several trucks filled with baseball equipment made the 985-mile trip south to West Palm Beach Florida for spring training.

The team packed the following items:

  • 423 bats
  • 18,000 baseballs
  • 342 jerseys
  • 230 helmets
  • 700 pairs of socks
  • 400 belts
  • 144 tubs of bubble gum
  • 100 cases of sunflower seeds

The Nationals may have spent well over $530,000 for these items.

A Louisville Slugger, the official bat of Major league baseball, costs $139.95 per bat.

The Nationals packed 423.

That’s a whopping $59,198.85.

Ready to get hit by those baseball bats, 18,000 baseballs.

According to Rawlings, the official baseball manufacture of the Major League, the company charges $19.99 a ball.

Before taxes, that’s $359,820 the Nationals may have spent on baseballs.

They also sent 144 tubs of bubble gum.

According to Amazon, a tub of Dubble Bubble cost $11.16.

That’s $1,607.04 dollars for gum that the flavor may last for only two mins.

If you’re not a gum lover, no worries. The Nationals shipped 100 cases of sunflower seeds.

A case of David’s Original Sunflower seeds cost $81.89.

That will cost $8,189 dollars.

342 official team jerseys also made the trip down south.

If you wanted to purchase a scarlet 2019 Spring Training Nationals jersey, MLB Shop.com charges 277.99 for one jersey.

If you wanted to purchase 342 jerseys. You would need to drop $95,072.58.

Also on the MLB website, you can buy a classic baseball belt for $24.99.

The Nationals packed 400 belts.

That’s will run you $9,996 to keep your pants from falling.

That’s a grand total of $533,883.47 and we didn’t even include the 230 helmets and 700 pairs of socks yet.