WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Every Thursday people like to celebrate old photos or videos. 

It’s called “Throw Back Thursday”. 

Instead of old school pictures, we take a look back at the sports some of the Washington Nationals pitchers used to play.

Pitcher James Bourque used to use his arm strength in the water. 

Bourque won a state title in water polo for his high school team in Michigan. 

"It’s probably the hardest sport I’ve played," says Bourque. "I’ve been hit in the face. There has been a lot of broken noses. It’s a dangerous sport."

Kyle Barraclough was a receiver and kicker on his high school football team in California. 

The pitcher, now known as Bear Claw, says he tended to stay away from all the football contact to keep his arm safe. 

“I didn’t like getting hit," says Barraclough. "Throw me the ball on the outside and hopefully I get hit by only one guy.”

And Patrick Corbin says he was better at basketball than baseball. 

Back in the day you would agree. 

At Cicero-North Syracuse High School in upstate New York, Corbin broke his high school’s record for most three pointers made in a single game. 

“I like to shoot," says the new Nationals pitcher. "I haven’t shot in a while because of baseball but that’s the one thing I really miss.” 

June of 2017, he also displayed his basketball skills dunking at during stoppage time at Phoenix Suns game.