Anytime you see Will Leach he's bound to be rocking some fresh kicks on his feet.

"I always loved sneakers," he said. I'm a basketball player so most basketball players love sneakers."

But unlike most of them, the senior high schooler doesn't just wear them, he resells them a part of his lucrative Get Your Heat business.

"I started in the 5th grade," he remarked. "I regularly went to the store. I bought a pair of shoes. I wore them outside someone offered them. Paid more for them than what I paid for. That gave me a hint, like maybe I should buy more pairs and start reselling them to people."

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After his dad spotted him some money to start the company, the sneaker selling senior started selling shoes through word of mouth and then social media. He now boasts 32,000 followers on Instagram. His big break came a couple years ago when he sold a pair to former DeMatha high star Quinn Cook.

"That was the first person I sold celebrity wise. It really took off from there," he said.

Sometimes making as much as $6,000 a month, Leach sells shoes to celebrities like Odell Beckham Jr, Russell Westbrook and friend Markelle Fultz.

"Some of my friends always joke around like 'oh you too big for us now.' I'm like 'no, I'm not. I'm the same kid I always was. I'm just growing,'" he said.

The quiet Leach sells to athletes but also regular customers, many who want his kicks because they see what type of athletes believe in his business.

Wait, why would all these athletes buy shoes from Will at a higher price than what they originally sold for? Well, you see, Will buys limited edition sneakers or exclusive ones from brands such as Nike and Jordan. So that means there is a high demand, but a very short supply. That's where Will becomes the plug.

"I never thought I would get this far selling sneakers to people like this in the industry," said Will.

While the quiet Leach is focused on school and playing ball in college, he plans to make it big time in the sneaker resale industry.

"I want to open a store hopefully. I want to make a million dollars by age 23," he said.

He might have a good shot of doing that based on his quick rise in the sneaker selling business. The guy makes thousands a month as a teenager. Let that sink in.