NFL game preparation is a grind, but that doesn't mean players have to shift all their focus to the professional football life.

Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins and backup Nate Sudfeld both started for their respective Big Ten alma maters. So, the signal callers made some fun out of their college football Week 5 conference matchup.

"Made a little friendly wager and ah...Indiana got the better of the Spartans but it was all good," Cousins said with a smile.

Besides sporting the other's hoodie for a day, MSU's former three-year starter added another incentive to the that meant good for others who really need it.

"If Michigan State wins, you gotta make a donation to my youth football camp back in Michigan for next summer. But, if ah..Indiana wins, I'll give to the ministry he supports which is Assist International."

This was an intricate bet. The money donated was based on a salary percentage.

"Assist International is gonna get a good check and ah...happy to do it. It's a good thing so I'm happy to do it. I'm rocking the sweatshirt with pride and gonna make that donation."