We select sports figures and call them "heroes" in the sports world.

Coach Aaron Feis was a hero in the real world.

On social media, I've seen countless comments from high school coaches, all the way up to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

They all describe Aaron Feis in one word “hero.”

A hero can be measured in many ways, but this one was different. He sacrificed his life.

For coach Feis to find the courage to step in front of bullets to protect his students is incredible, selfless, and unconditional love. I don't know if many of us could do it.

It was just six years ago that Frank Hall, another football coach, chased a shooter from an Ohio school that killed three boys and paralyzed a fourth.

During my playing days, coaches were like second parents. They taught us right from wrong. And like parents, they loved us and would do whatever it took to protect us. Sometimes that meant putting their own life on the line. Aaron Feis did just that. He is a hero.

No super powers or a cape, just a football coach with Gatorade towel over his shoulder.

I believe good coaches understand teaching goes far beyond the X's and O's. They teach life lessons such as sacrificing individual needs for the benefit of the team. Yesterday, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was Aaron Feis' team. And he gave his life to protect it.

May his soul rest in peace.