Bullis track can end a streak that has been haunting every single high school in the United States for the last 12 years.


Since 2007, the Jamaica boys 4x400 team has never lost against the Americans in track.

That could change on saturday at the Penn Relays.

The boys also set not one, but two high school national records this indoor season which includes the 4x400 meters, the same relay that the Jamaicans have owned the Americans for over a decade.

The Bullis boys 4x400 record wasn't only a national record, but world u-20 record.

Numbers never lie and if Bullis can do what they have been doing all season, Jamaica could lose for the first time since apple came out with the first edition of the i-phone.

It's been 10 years since an American team has won on the girls side.

The Bullis girls were #1 in the nation for the indoor season and beat the Jamaicans in the 4x400 back in January.

Unfortunately, Bullis did not win the high school girls 4x400.

Bullis finished fourth behind three Jamaican teams.

The Bullis girls finished just 0.29 seconds out of third place.