The six and under DMV Knights football team has been a force to be reckoned with this year.

They are 13-0 and winners of the Capital Beltway AYF League 6U championship and the Maryland state championship for the same age bracket. Their goal is to win a national championship in Florida.

"We never give up, and we keep working hard," one player said. "We are not losing any games. We will win every single one."

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But to get a shot to win nationals, they need help with travel and lodging expenses. Many of the parents just don’t have the money to help send their kids there. So they started a go fund me page to help meet their goal of $10,000.

"A lot of parents sacrifice," Sharita Dunmore, one of the mothers on the team. "We have a lot of single mothers on our team, and they sacrifice a lot even to get to pay for them to even be on the team. It's the hustle and bustle."

"I’m a single mom it’s been tough just to make it to the games," Latrice Stenson commented. "Just to have to go to work right after the games is extremely tough."

The parents are the backbone of the team and make it a special group. They do it all, whether it's picking up another parent's kid to go to practice because one parent or making sure their kids’ lips are not chapped.

In his first year as head coach, Horace Riddick loves the family atmosphere the team has and realizes how big the Florida trip will be for everyone.

"'I’m pretty sure I think everybody will be crying. I'm going to be crying. I'm not gonna hold back. It will be special."

That’s why getting the financial backing from the community will mean so much.

“Don’t think of it as I’m just giving to another fund," Stenson remarked. "Think of it as I’m helping these kids do something they have never done before and may never experience ever again."

If you would like to help donate to the DMV Knights, go to their GoFundMe page here: