Ziggy Hood has shined in his second year as a defensive lineman for the Washington football team.

I caught up with Hood, who is of half Mexican, on Wednesday before the team's game against the Cardinals to get to know him a little better. You should know that his government name is Evander but his Mexican grandmother couldn't pronounce Evander so she called him Ziggy, her favorite cartoon character.

Chris: A lot of people don't understand that when you play nose or play a three technique that you aren't going to get 10-15 tackles a game. Explain what goes into being great at that position.

Ziggy: Well, a lot of people don't realize that there's a difference between a 3-4 and 4-3 defense. There are sometimes when I get graded like a 90, and I've only had one or two tackles.

Chris: You are a great guy, large in size and you also got some modeling moves. What's going on in the picture on the runway during the event the team held?

Ziggy: Nah, man I ain't modeling or nothing. I was just doing what I was told man for the event we had. I just wasn't trying to slip and fall.

Chris: You've been a big advocate for bringing awareness to autism and fighting it. One of your two sons was born with the condition. How has that changed your life?

Ziggy: It makes me slow down in life and appreciate the small things and really understand and hear the voices of other families that are going through the same things. Especially helps to talk to men who are in that same situation. So whenever I can sit back and hear stories... you know it's kinda humbling. No matter how much money you got, whatever status you got, life happens. And it hits you hard sometimes and sometimes you need that pickup. I get that support everyday from the guys who say, 'Hey thank you for being such and such, I appreciate it.'