The older generations will love this.

Georgetown is saying no to cell phones.

The ban will apply only to Section 118 on January 20th when the Hoyas face St. John's.

It's a part of their "Actual Reality" promotion to encourage more face-to-face conversations.

They're really committing to this.

This is what you need to know if you'd like to be one of the lucky 50 fans to participate.

1. You will need to pick up your paper ticket at the game to get through the gate. You will not be able to use a mobile ticket to get in.

2. You will receive a print out of halftime stats instead of being able to check your phone like the rest of America.

3. You will be given a nametag to encourage conversations with your neighbors.

4. Want to take a selfie? It might be a little hard using a polaroid camera that will be given to you if you absolutely must capture the moment.

5. A station to write a letter or send a postcard will also be available to send your friends and family messages that will for sure reach them long after the game.

Will you give it a try?

In a time when cell phones are attached to everyone's hip, I for one am proud of the Hoyas for getting back to the old days, when you actually looked at someone's face to speak to them.