ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Williams called for a player boycott during the Final Four in a Twitter video Tuesday.

The former Duke star tweeted that players need to "force the hand of the NCAA" but noted that "it's how you boycott that's going to be the major difference."

"Wouldn't it be a crazy thing if we saw players not just boycott a game in the NCAA tournament, but boycott a Final Four," Williams said in the video. "Imagine how quickly the NCAA would realize it's not just a business for themselves, but also a business for the athletes as well. That's how you make change."

Williams, who had a lucrative NBA career cut short after he suffered a career-debilitating injury in a motorcycle crash, explained how a Division I scholarship isn't fair compensation.

"Players should boycott," Williams said. "You can essentially equate a scholarship to the salary cap of the NBA. They’re both big businesses. Business goes across the board. So as gross revenue increases, guess what happens in the NBA? The salary cap rises. But as gross revenue increases in collegiate sports, in particular college basketball, the scholarship stays absolutely the same. That’s a problem."

"We saw USA women's soccer do the same exact thing when they weren't getting equitable wages to their male counterparts," Williams said of a potential boycott.

Williams' comments also come on the heels of a report from Yahoo Sports last weekthat revealed details of a federal investigation that implicates numerous NCAA programs and players tied to former NBA agent Andy Miller.

And An ESPN story over the weekend reported Arizona coach Sean Miller was caught on an FBI wiretap discussing a $100,000 payment to freshman DeAndre Ayton.