There are times when sporting events can be a source of great inspiration. We witnessed Rep. Steve Scalise throw out the first pitch of Game 1 of the Nationals' divisional series against the Cubs, less than four months after being shot at a practice for the annual Congressional baseball game.

Another such inspirational moment is taking place at the Naval Academy.

Jarren Jasper, the son of Navy Football's offensive coordinator Ivin Jasper, is attending Saturday's football game against Air Force. That in itself is not unique. What makes this story so special is that Jarren is awaiting a heart transplant.

Jarren was released from the hospital on Thursday for the first time since August 4. The 14-year old was in the hospital after complications resulting from surgery to correct an abnormally fast heart rate.

Now, Jasper is able to live at home, thanks to a mechanical pump that helps circulate blood through the body, while he waits for a new heart.

In Saturday afternoon's case, home is the Naval Academy while his dad tries to help lead Navy to a win over Air Force.