NEW YORK — If you'd asked me at the beginning, would this Hurricanes-Capitals series go to 7 games, I would have said a resounding... no! But here we are.

You might be familiar with the New York City Caps Crew... A group of Capitals fans living in the Big Apple.

They've come up with some clever chants for each time a player scores a goal.

They call their chants "psalms."

They have goal psalms when a goal is scored, goalie psalms when Braden Holtby or whoever is in net makes a great stop.

"Never gonna Niskaken

Guilty skates have got no rhythm."

They have situational psalms that shout out bad ref calls, when they think opponents are cheaters and some that are just juvenile.

"In your heaaad, in your heaaaad!

Tommy, Tommy, Tomm-me-me-me!"

If you want to print your own book of chants, click here.