They find ways to climb greased light poles. Police have to find a slicker solution.

They ride dune buggies up the Rocky Steps, because why not?

Win or lose things they may light things on fire come Sunday night.

Safe to say the Philadelphia Eagles have one of the craziest and most entertaining fan bases.

To make matters crazier they also have never EVER won a Super Bowl...

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey had something to add regarding Eagles fans:

"For the Eagles fans, don't worry, we're going to be greasing all the lampposts so you will feel right at home,'' said Frey, who then looked off camera and, with profanity thrown in, added, "Are we seriously welcoming the Eagles fans?"

Watch the video here (warning: bad language & NSFW)

In case you didn't know how Eagles fans are, you may not get the warmest of welcomes in Minneapolis. I mean you did prevent the Vikings from being the first franchise to play a Super Bowl on home turf.

Let us take a step back, it's not just about absurd Eagles fans.

The Phillies and Flyers definitely have had their share of incidents in prior years. The 76ers come out comparatively unharmed outside of normal kerfuffles. But the common thread? Philadelphia sports can get real rowdy.

Despite the grease, riots, and creepy dog masks. Eagles fans are a dynasty of inseparableness. They can be crude, often crazy, but always connected no matter in Philly, Minneapolis or wherever they are on the map.

Not to mention, they have cool celebrity fans like Bradley Cooper, Kobe Bryant, Will Smith, and Pink.

Sorry Minnesotans, whether you like it or not, you'll be seeing a lot more green than blue and red in Minneapolis this weekend.

But there's another group of fans pumped up for Sunday night's game.

They worship their coach and quarterback as if they are gods.

They are making their third Super Bowl appearance in four years.

When it comes down to it, they have an all or nothing mentality— the New England Patriots.

It may be a couple more years away, but what are Patriots fans going to do when Belichick and Brady call it quits? I mean they are not getting any younger...

I guess that's why when the cycle of success comes around, you ride it as long as you can.

Enjoy it Patriots fans, because inevitably your ride is coming to an end.

Until then, we can all hate on them as much as we want, but deep down you know you would trade places with them in a heart-beat.

Also, you're likely to see more dog masks. That's because the Eagles are the underdogs once again. A 5.5-point underdog to be exact in their matchup against the Patriots, a rematch of Super Bowl XXXIX (which took place in 2005). They beat the Eagles 24-21.

The toughest battle in Super Bowl LII may not all be on the field, but in the stands. Yeah, I'd watch out for those Eagles fans Patriots fans, it's bound to get interesting.

It all goes down at U.S. Bank Stadium on Sunday at 6:30 p.m.