American University women’s basketball is coming off their most successful season in school history.

Inside the Eagles' locker room, Senior guard Asha Henley has countless bottles of water to stay hydrated but also tons of junk food.

Henley says, “Sometimes you need a lot of sugar. That’s how I stay hype”.

Henley is also a huge Spider Man fan.

She even keeps a Spider Man onesie in her locker.

If she needs to save someone, “I’m already in my suit” Henley said.

The senior guard is also a graphics designer.

Henley chose the branding for the team which is, Creative, Hard Worker, and Competitor.

Asha’s teammate, senior guard Maria Liddane, also showed 9-Cribs around the AU locker room.

Inside Liddane’s locker we saw, blankets and a speaker.

She could not help but show off her childhood picture of her eating cupcakes with crazy eyes.

Simply put, this group knows how to have fun.