Couches, snack racks, and speakers oh my!

This week, WUSA9 Sports went inside the locker room of the George Mason’s Women’s basketball team, with center Natalie Butler as our host.

Probably the most important thing to Natalie and the other players are the lounge area.

The lounge includes plush leather couches, a flat screen television, and a snack rack.

Out of all the snacks Natalie tells us that the apple sauce is her favorite.

One item we didn’t expect to be such a big hit was the toaster.

Natalie described this as the “holy grail”.

Not sure I’ve ever heard anyone describe a toaster that way.

But she told us that the toaster goes everywhere with the team.

So what might the values of the women’s basketball team at Mason be?

The center tells us there are four core values the team follows.

Those values are passion, accountability, hard work, and respect.

That’s a great group of values to follow within any organization.

When getting pumped up for a game, some other locker rooms may be a bit silent.

That’s not the case for the women at Mason.

“This baby is where all the magic happens”, says Butler.

She was describing the speaker that she says pumps out the loud music to get the team ready for game time.

Our team had to admit, the women had a nice set up.

But the team is getting renovations in spring and told us that that locker room will be even better.

We can’t wait to see the finish product and do another episode of 9-Cribs, Renovation edition.