The Loudoun Valley Boys Basketball team is 24-1 and defending 4A Virginia State Champs. The champs take over this week’s edition of 9-Cribs.

Inside the Vikings locker room, yoga mats! The wife of head coach Chad Dawson is a physical therapist. She helps keep the team relaxed and focused on school and basketball.

Vikings guard Dominic Peterson shows 9-Cribs motivational quotes that every member on the team keeps in a binder. The senior’s favorite quote is "Forget the Past." The Vikings are looking to repeat as state champs and they don’t want to be overconfident this season.

The smelliest locker in the Vikings locker room belongs to the coach’s son, Trent Dawson. Peterson says teammates use “Febreze” to eliminate the odor.

Peterson takes 9-Cribs outside the locker room to show a sign with the message “No one is promising tomorrow”. When the team runs out before the game the team smacks their hand on the sign. Peterson says it’s a reminder to step on the court and play with grit. Finally, the entire team shows up their chant held before every basketball.