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WUSA9 DMV Soundcheck: "LCB, An Endless Brotherhood"
Credit: LCB

LCB, An Endless Brotherhood

Being an artist is a lifelong journey, and so is brotherhood. Glenn Leonard, Joe Coleman, and Joe Blunt or LCB are prime examples that having passion and commitment to your craft can last for a lifetime, proving that true artistry is not a phase that is easy to get over. As the former lead singers of The Temptations, Platters, and Drifters, these three Washington DC natives grew up together in the 60’s singing in church, and on the corners of streets, and are still together and thriving today.

“It’s an amazing feeling to perform with two dear friends who, instinctively, know your every move while on stage,” Coleman continued, “Joe Blunt and I have known each since age 7 and we’ve known Glenn since age 15 so, we’ve been thru all of the “ups and downs” of the music business together. Onstage and off, we share a bond that can’t be broken. We have a very high level of respect for each other’s character and abilities!”

LCB was formed by Coleman of The Platters, who reunited Leonard of the Temptations, and Blunt of the Drifters. While performing in Las Vegas, He ran into Leonard. The two hadn’t seen another in almost 20 years. They had the opportunity to discuss the ole days about their former group, “True Reflection”, which was signed by Atlantic Records. After meeting, that the bond we had was still as strong as ever, and that it felt like they had never gone their separate ways. Upon speaking with Blunt, the group knew it was time to go around one last time together, and so they did. Their crowds were just as enthusiastic about the regroup as they were.

“As a collective, we performed at our hometown venue, The Howard Theater, for the “Restoration Ceremony”, where we were able to perform for almost every major artist and personality in the business including Barry Gordy, Smokey Robinson, Leslie Uggams, Dionne Warwick, Chaka Khan, and the legendary Chuck Brown. It was a star-studded night of music, fun and history and we were blessed to be a part of it,” Coleman continued, “We were the only act to receive a standing ovation that night. All of our peers stood on their feet and gave us a rousing applause. It was truly a night to remember.”

Whether they’re performing Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Motown, Oldies, Soul or Doo Wop hits, LCB are professionals at keeping a crowd engaged. This ability to continuously keep listeners on their feet goes all the way back to the days where they were performing locally when they were children. It takes loads of perseverance, passion, and desire to commit life to artistry. LCB are a great example of how bonds aren’t easily broken if everyone does exactly what they love and do it well.

“We simply love to entertain an audience. We haven’t lost our enthusiasm and excitement about standing in front of a room of music-lovers, doing our thing,” Coleman said, “If we didn’t still love it, we would hang it up because we’ve worked long enough and have earned the right to sit back on our laurels. Music is still the universal language and we still want to use our God-given talents to spread a message of love around the nation and the world.”

LCB will be performing at The Carlyle Club on Mother’s Day, May 12th at 6:30pm. To win tickets, text 65047 to MUSIC.