A Kent County woman ran afoul of the law for allegedly using a paint roller to smash several Canada goose eggs in a nest behind her home in early April.

“Once every couple of years we’ll see something like this,’’ said Lt. Gerald Thayer, a conservation officer with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. “Most people realize they have to live with the wildlife, but this lady took matters into her own hands and decided to go out with a paint roller on an extension and destroy the eggs and the nest.’’

The 41-year-old woman was charged with a wildlife conservation violation, specifically, destroying eggs of a protected bird, court records show. It’s a misdemeanor punishable by 90 days in jail.

During a pretrial conference the week, the case was resolved, the woman’s attorney said. Court records indicate the case has been dismissed.

The incident played out April 11 behind her home in the Carlisle Crossings development south of 76th Street SW between Burlingame and Clyde Park avenues. Three neighbors were aware of the incident and contacted authorities, Thayer said.

“Two of the three don’t like the geese either, but they thought what she did was a bunch of baloney,’’ he said. “She initially denied it and said the eggs were already destroyed and she moved the nest.’’

Thayer said there are other ways for homeowners to deal with nuisance geese, notably by providing a less hospitable environment.

“They love groomed, fertilized, watered lawns; that’s why you see so many on golf courses,’’ he said. “Leave a swath of uncut grass; let grasses and weeds grow up. That creates a natural barrier for them.’’

Creating a barrier between the lake and lawn using shrubs will also discourage geese from nesting, he said.

“They’ll go visit the neighbor’s property instead; whoever has that nice, groomed lawn,’’ Thayer said.