Is eating and drinking on Metro still prohibited?


Yes, according to WMATA officials. 


WMATA Spokesperson - Ian Jannetta


 A  commuter spotted a sign at the Rockville Metro Station showing images of things you can't do with the quote, "It's the law."

The viewer is curious about the food-ban part and asked is the sign incorrect that it's still a law that to eat or drink on Metro?

Picture of Rockville Metro Station from Verify viewer

This question ties into a previous story from WUSA9, about a WMATA employee being shamed on social media for eating on a metro train.  

After that post went viral, Metro's Transit Police Chief decided officers would stop issuing criminal citations for eating on Metro.

Verify: Yes eating and drinking on the metro is prohibited

That's because the DC Council decriminalized eating on the Metro back in December as part of the Fare Evasion Decriminalization Act.

A WMATA spokesperson told our team eating and drinking are still prohibited but now it's a civil offense in DC, but it's criminal law in Maryland and Virginia.

So we can verify, it's the still the law in DC, Maryland and Virginia that eating and drinking on the metro is prohibited. 

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