WASHINGTON -- Who doesn't love to get stuff for free? Especially when it's something as awesome as tickets to an amusement park with the arrival of summer soon.

Well that's exactly what viewer Sandra Mansfield came across, a Facebook post that claims Hersheypark is giving away four free passes per family to celebrate its 112th anniversary. 

But before taking the survey to get the supposed free tickets, Sandra asked asked the Verify team to find out if the offer is actually legit.

VERIFY: Hersheypark free tickets offer circulating online is not legit

So Verify researchers contacted a Hersheypark spokesperson who confirmed, unfortunately this one is too good to be true. 

The spokesperson explained this is isn't the first time a fraudulent offer has circulated on social media and they have since reported the scam to Facebook. 

They also want guests to know the offer is not even from a legitimate website. The best, most trust-worthy way to find out about tickets, offers, and giveaways is to go visit the Hersheypark website

Avoid sites with funky web addresses and links, that make you take surveys to win something, like the fraudulent Hersheypark offer circulating. 

So we verified, nope, this is Hersheypark four free passes per family giveaway is not the real deal. 

But Busch Gardens is actually offering free admission to vets and their family members until July 15th.