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VERIFY: Meme spreads misinformation that children hospitalized for coronavirus aren't allowed parents present

Amid the pandemic, hospitals introduced new visitation policies. A fake meme claims children hospitalized for COVID-19 are barred from all visitors, even parents.


A meme spreading on Facebook claims that children who must be hospitalized for COVID-19, are not allowed to have parents go with them. Is this meme accurate?


No. Hospitals our researchers spoke with confirmed pediatric patients are allowed at least one parent or guardian.


Tracy Connell- Inova Children's Hospital- spokesperson

Maryanne Boster- Virginia Hospital Center- director of corporate communications

Jamel Langley- Children's National Hospital- senior media relations specialist

Tina Bergeron Sheesley- Adventist HealthCare- director of public relations & marketing

Kristin Feliciano-  Holy Cross Health- chief strategy officer

Marianne Worley- MedStar Health- spokesperson

American Hospital Association- spokesperson


A meme circulating on Facebook claims that children who must be hospitalized for COVID-19, will be barred from having parents by their bedside.

Credit: Facebook

It reads: "the biggest wakeup call ever, if your child gets the virus they’re going to the hospital alone in a van with people they don’t know, to a room they don’t know to be with people they don’t know, you will be without them in their time of need. Think about it stay in.”

So we're Verifying: if a child is hospitalized for COVID-19, are parents banned from seeing them?

First off, always be skeptical of a warning that preys on fear and offers little to no context.

We can tell you right off the bat, this one is nonsense.

Our Verify researchers contacted half-a-dozen area hospitals, including  Children’s National Hospital, MedStar Health, Adventist HealthCare, Holy Cross Hospital, Virginia Hospital Center and Inova Children’s Hospital. 

They all confirm if a child is hospitalized for COVID-19, of course, a parent can come.

Whether that’s one parent, both, or if visitors are screened for symptoms like a fever or cough – that’s up to each hospital.

We also checked with the American Hospital Association. A spokesperson sent us this statement:

"The American Hospital Association does not have nationwide data on companion policies but to the best of our knowledge, hospitals are allowing one parent to be with a child during hospitalization, or assessing on a case-by-case basis the safest option that protects patients, and others in the hospital setting.”

So we can Verify this meme is false.

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