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VERIFY: Yes, in most cases you can get life insurance after testing positive for COVID-19

Our Verify team is working to cut through the misinformation spreading about COVID-19 and get you the facts.
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Can you get life insurance if you’ve tested positive for COVID-19?




American Council of Life Insurers 



Dr. Robert Gleeson is a physician and medical consultant for the American Council of Life Insurers.

Dr. Gleeson says if you are infected with COVID19 and go to buy life insurance, it’s going to be like any other disease or sickness. In general, most insurers will require a waiting period until you’re healthy again.

He said, "So, this is a temporary thing. If you’re exposed it doesn’t say you’re not eligible for life insurance, but it just says not right at this time if you’ve been exposed or tested positive."

Now keep in mind, the age of the person applying for the life insurance does come into play here.  

According to AARP, some life insurers won’t issue new policies to people 65 and up during the pandemic because it says the Centers for Disease Control says that group has a higher risk of severe complications.

AARP says some life insurance policies require an in-person medical exam, so the process will be delayed if you live in a state where such visits are restricted by stay-at-home orders. 

It says, you can shop for no-exam policies, but they tend to have higher premiums and lower benefits. 

So we can Verify, yes, if you’ve tested positive for COVID-19 and you’re not is group identified as risky, you can get life insurance but there will be waiting period.

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