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VERIFY: Is rat meat being sold in the U.S. disguised as boneless chicken?

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Is rat meat being sold in the U.S. disguised as boneless chicken?


No, the FDA confirms this is not true.


Federal Drug and Food Administration


An article with the headline "More than a MILLION POUNDS of RAT meat is sold as boneless chicken wings in the U.S.A!" has been making rounds on social media with thousands of shares, was posted on World News Daily Report. The site is known for publishing satirical articles.

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WUSA9 News contacted the Food and Drug Administration to ask if it is true that over one million rat meat is sold in the form of boneless chicken wings that is then served in restaurants. The article also claims the FDA seized the meat from illegal shipping containers at a port in San Francisco.

Peter Cassell, the press officer for the FDA, tells WUSA9 News the administration “is not aware of the seizure of rat meat referenced” and the FDA never issued such a warning.

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Even though you may continue to see this story pop up on social media (sites like healthfitpoint.com has also posted the article), rest assured that it is false and you are not being served rat meat.


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