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VERIFY: Is Give Back Box program reusing shipping boxes for donations legit?

Is the Give Back Box program the real deal?


Is the Give Back Box program the real deal?


Yes, it's been around since 2012.


Monika Wiela- CEO/Founder of Give Back Box



The Verify team is always getting you answers to the things you question online.

A viewer got an email about a program, Give Back Box, that claims you can donate to charities by reusing shipping boxes.

She asked us to find out if it's legit before she shared it.

So Verify researchers spoke to founder Monika Wiela who started the platform back in 2012 as a way to reuse shipping boxes before being discarded and recycled while also donating unwanted items to charity.

Give Back Box has currently partnered with 32 retailers including Amazon and Overstock.com.

To get started, print the free shipping label for your box and feel free to fill it up with your donatable items!

Now Give Back Box only donates through shipping.

Shipping labels will have your nearest address to charities or non-profits like Goodwill through your zip code, so donors know exactly where their box is going.

Once your donation has been processed, you'll be notified by email and you can use your tracking number to itemize your donation online from your account to get a tax deduction receipt.

Put your shipping boxes to good use this holiday season, we verified the Give Back Box program is legit.

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