Is the CDC scientist who went missing in Atlanta a whistle blower who exposed that flu vaccines caused the flu epidemic?


Nope, this one's a conspiracy theory.


Mjr. Michael O'Connor- Atlanta Police Department

Update: Influenza Activity- CDC

"The Deadly Virus-The Influenza Epidemic of 1918"- National Archives and Records Administration

"FBI Insider: Clinton Emails Linked To Political Pedophile Sex Ring"


A missing Atlanta man holds the secrets to the next Snowden-like expose.

That's what people online are saying about the CDC scientist missing for two weeks.

Timothy Cunningham left work early on February 12, after his boss explained the reason why Cunningham didn't get the promotion he's expected.

People disappear all the time but police have said this is a very unusual case not because what's missing but because what was found.

"This is extremely an unusual set of circumstances," Atlanta Police Department's Major Michael O'Connor said. "It is not common that in missing person cases for us to find someone's entire belongings--their debit cards, their credit cards, their cell phone."

Police also discovered Cunningham left his car keys, car and dog. Two windows were open on the second level of his home, but there were know signs that he had used them to leave.

The events led conspiracy theorists to spin fantastic rumors online.

Some claimed he knew the cure to cancer. Most believed he was holding back a CDC bombshell: that the flu vaccine caused the current epidemic.

Our researchers traced that claim back to an article on a site called from January 2018. The article quoted an anonymous CDC doctor who said, “we have seen people dying across the country of the flu, and one thing nearly all of them have in common is they got the flu shot.”While the article doesn't name Cunningham, some are outing him as the Whistleblower, saying it was too convenient he went missing. made several false statements in their article including that the flu vaccine is only 10 percent effective (it's not--it's 36% effective according to health officials) and that 2018 has been the deadliest flu season (it hasn't--in 1918 the epidemic killed millions according to National Archives).

The article says not to trust 'Big Pharma' and the 'Mainstream Media.' It was hollow of credible sources and verified facts.

We checked with police and they say they are aware of these conspiracies. They say Cunningham wasn't authorized to see classified information.

"Dr. Cunningham worked in the chronic disease unit, which is not the infectious disease unit, he had no access to classified material," O'Connor said. "[The CDC doesn't] believe that his employment would be cause for something like that to occur because he simply doesn't have access to those types of things."

We can Verify, the missing CDC scientist was not about to blow the top off of some major CDC coverup.