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VERIFY: Has the deadline to file 2019 taxes change?

Filing deadlines have changes and lots of people are confused about when to file and when to pay.

The U.S. Treasury

The Internal Revenue Service

Tax collection agencies for Virginia, Maryland and DC.


When do you need to file federal taxes?

The new deadline to file and pay 2019 federal tax returns is July 15.
The change is automatic.
You don’t have to do anything to get that extension.
But that doesn’t mean you have to wait.
The IRS says most refunds should be processed within 21 days.
So if you want your money faster, file sooner rather than later. 


When do you need to file 2019 tax returns in MD and DC?


The deadline to file 2019 taxes in MD And DC is in line with the new federal date which is July 15th.


When do you file 2019 tax returns in VA?


Taxpayers in the commonwealth need to file their state returns by May 1.

With any of these deadlines, you can still file for a six-month extension.

But if you owe money, you’ll have to pay that by the filing deadline.

So we can VERIFY – with the exception of Virginia, the date to file your federal and state taxes will be July 15.

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