Does renters insurance cover flood damage?


Most renters insurance policies do not cover damage from flood water.


Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)


State Farm

American Family Insurance


Southeast D.C. has more people renting homes or apartments than any other quadrant, according the think tank D.C. Policy Center.

The region was also hit hard during torrential flooding on Monday -- but what happens if you're a renter and your place floods? Does renters insurance cover flood damage?

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To get the answer, our Verify team reached out to FEMA, the agency operating the governments National Flood Insurance Program and some of the biggest insurance providers, like Allstate, State Farm and American Family Insurance.

Turns out, most renters insurance does cover flood damage to personal items like your TV, furniture, carpets or rugs.

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Even if you landlord has flood insurance it still does not your stuff because their flood insurance only covers the damage to the house or apartment's structure.

So we can Verify, renters insurance does not cover your belongings in the event of a flood.

You need to buy a flood insurance policy with an insurer who participates in the government's National Flood Insurance Program.

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