WASHINGTON — Question: 

Do victims of natural disasters, who have lost their homes, get counted in the Census? 


Yes. The Census Bureau has created policies, to ensure that people facing homelessness are counted, to the greatest extent possible. 


U.S. Census Bureau.


Whether it's the wildfires in California, the earthquake in Puerto Rico, or the flooding that has devastated so many communities across the country, this country has faced numerous natural disasters in the last year. 

That's what prompted a question for the Verify Team, about how the victims of these disasters will be counted in the upcoming 2020 Census. 

The Verify team reached out to the U.S. Census Bureau for answers.

The Bureau told the Verify Team that people who are temporarily displaced or facing homelessness will be "counted at the residence where they live and sleep most of the time." 

The Bureau said that this can include the person's "usual residence," to which they wish to return eventually.

"If they cannot determine a place where they live most of the time," a spokesperson said. "They will be counted where they are staying on Census Day." 

Census Day is coming up fast, on April 1. 

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